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betting on politics

Gambling is one of the oldest games in the world and goes back to the Paleolithic period, before written history. The betting on animal fighting’s started in the first millennium before Christ. When the betting on the animal’s fights disappeared, we start betting on other things like sports. Betting on sports is one of the most popular betting but for the last couple of years, there are also several betting possibilities on politics. Betting on politics are getting more popular these days, almost every election or even the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. That the United Kingdom was going to leave the European Union was the conversation of 2019 and finally, in 2020 it happened. People were betting on the Brexit if it was the Super Bowl final. The odds were high because the country was divided and the outcomes were close.

So how do you bet on politics? Simply, there are several betting’s sites online where you can find the elections on websites like .

You can create an account on one of those websites and add some funds to your account and start betting. But why do people bet on politics? Most people have their preference for the outcomes of politics and want to earn some extra money by taking their chance to bet on the outcome. So is it about fun or is it serious business? The betting on politics is a serious business and yearly there are millions of dollars spent.

betting on politics

The betting odds how does it look like? In the table below I show you the betting odds of the US presidential Election 2020 winner. In the table below there are shown four candidates; Donald Trump, Joe Bidden, Andrew Cuomo and Bernie Sanders. So how does the odds system work; if we look at Bernie Sanders his odds are 33/1 that means that for every dollar you put on Bernie Sanders it will return 33 dollars, so if you put on $100 on Bernie Sanders to win the US Presidential Election 2020 it will return $3300! If he wins of course.

This the first odd explained, if we look at Joe Bidden the odds are 11/8 this can you calculate quickly if you just divided 11/8 the outcome is $1,375 that means that every dollar you put on Joe Bidden to win the US Presidential Election 2020 it will return $1,375. Now that has been explained we have the odds of Donald Trump, the odds are 1 against 1, what simply means that for every dollar you put in, you get one in return. Currently, at this stage of the elections, it is not profitable to bet on Donald Trump, because there isn’t any profit.

Sound strange? If we look at football and the number one from the Premium League is playing against the number last, it is unthinkable that they won’t win that is the reason they put low odds or even non.

It is important to remember that gambling always bring risks and it’s not a free money generator. So keep that in mind. Below there are some betting sites where you can try your luck!

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